The Sistene Chapel

Builders are not easy people to deal with. Imagine Pope Julius II’s reaction when he saw Michelangelo’s bill. All the pontiff actually wanted was a nice artex ceiling finish on the place and a couple of wall lights. The Moseley Railway Trust’s very own team of Michelangelos have been at work with a vengeance this weekend. The Silverdale station building project is now very close to conclusion, and our own Pontiff (or the Chairman, as he self-styles) determined that the walls should be painted. Fortunately, the ceiling has yet to be fitted, so at least that was one debate that wasn’t needed. And so an army of willing-ish volunteers armed with rollers, brushes and a rather nifty paint spraying machine got to work and watched a large number of litres of large paint soak into the walls. Perhaps surprisingly, it wasn’t seen to ooze out the other side, but that can only be a matter of time. What will be the shop area now has white walls, all the better to display the produce in. The store room, on the other hand, was painted with some surplus paint, in a nifty combination of red and blue. But we think the final effect works really, really well. So, before long, you will be able to not only buy train rides, but also participate in a retail experience the likes of which Mary Porta can but dream of. Next weekend is a Steam Weekend, so you can look out at Stanhope through the newly painted window frames. You just can’t beat that, now can you? Get in touch here with ideas for ceiling frescos.