Wheely Good

Despite the sub-tropical weather, the Moseley Railway Trust has not been idling down at Apedale. Two current projects have one thing in common – the wheels are a key ingredient. Some time ago a large Hudson bogie wagon arrived on site from the Bala Lake Railway. It had previously been used to carry munitions at the large RAF depot at Fauld, Staffordshire. The wheels had annular rings welded on, to make them suitable for the slightly narrower track gauge at Bala. However, the

railway at Apedale is 2’0″ gauge, and the wheels would foul checkrails and the like. Fortunately, the wheels would just fit into the lathe at Apedale, and hence we were able to machine off the offending rings. Once complete, the wheels were reassembled into the bogies. The bogies have been overhauled (largely using a paintbrush) and this allowed the wagon to be reassembled.

Meanwhile, the two 2’6″ gauge Hunslets which recently arrived ex Scotland have started to make progress towards becoming a pair of 2’0″ Hunslets. With the wheelsets out, the brake gear needs adjusting and the wheels themselves need to be pressed inwards on the axles. Never a job for the fainthearted, all we need to do now is get them to a friendly local wheelpress. As ever, get in touch here.