Ice Station Apedale

Sadly, Patrick McGoohan is no longer with us to reprise his role in a classic cold war thriller, so the hardy members of the Moseley Railway Trust had to rely on their inner reserves instead. It’s been a tad on the chilly side (-14 overnight), but despite that, we did actually make some progress. Construction of the new siding to the C&W container has continued – one of the two rails being curved, and a start made on the second. It was whilst finding the second rail in the icy wasteland of the materials store that one member made a rather unfavourable comparison to the retreat from Stalingrad.
In between times, opportunity was taken to have a play (sorry, testing and driver training) on the newly arrived Baguley Drewry. One was reminded of the late Teddy Boston’s comment about the rather older Baguley petrol loco – he referred to this as the “beast that walks in the dark” owing to the length of time it took to start at Cadeby, and hence it always seemed to be dark when it ran. The BD ain’t that bad, but it took a while. It just needs a few minor tweaks and it will be a great addition to the fleet, sharing some of the passenger hauling duties with the faithful 60S Motor Rail No.13. Anyway, get in touch here, and don’t forget that we’re running Santa Specials with steam trains over the next two weekends – there is still space on some trains, and there is a pay-on-the-day option.