A Voyage Into the Unknown

It is fair to say that the Moseley Railway Trust is a Northern organisation. Whilst few of our members own whippets, there are a smattering of flat caps (aren’t there, Phil?) and someone was once heard to comment that they “quite liked” black pudding. So it with some trepidation that we answer the annual call to the South East which is EXPO-NG. This show is organised by the Greenwich and District Narrow Gauge Railway Society. After an epic trek south, including crossing the biggest canal I’ve ever seen on a humpback bridge where you have to pay (what on earth was all that about, I still wonder), the joint MRT/NGRS task group set out its wares and dealt with the throng of willing (ish) customers. And we all had a really good day. I’m not into model railways, since I have held the view that if it can’t be fixed using a welder or chisel then I don’t want to know. But the craftsmanship that goes into these models is truly amazing. Moreover, being an exclusively narrow gauge show, it’s like seeing models of the Moseley fleet all around – check the photos. Hopefully, we may be able to get or two of these talented people to bring their models to Apedale for next year’s September event – 10&11 September 2011. Put that one in your diary – NOW! So, it’s a big thank you to Hazel and the GDNGRS team – we’ll see you next year. Meanwhile, it’s back to big trains next week at Apedale. Get in touch here.