As many will know, especially MRT members, one of the problems which had inhibited our ability to open the Apedale Valley Light railway to the public was the rather inconvenient matter of a public footpath crossing the site. After a considerable period of time whilst the County Council considered the matter, and consulted with everybody (and we really do mean everybody, and in alphabetical order), a footpath diversion order was finally made. This is the apparently innocuous thing being pointed at by the CME (No.2 in the series “The CME Points”). This allowed us to finally close the gaps in the fenceline, thereby protecting the public from being savaged by the fire breathing dragons which lurk on the railway. The Elite Fencing Squad took some satisfaction in driving in the final nail, and a big thank you to the EFS for building the whole thing. Meanwhile, the CME has decided how to number Motor Rail 7066. We THINK he’s decided it should be No.6, but we’re not entirely sure. What do you think? If you are increasingly in need of glasses to read small numbers, get in touch here.