Annual General Meeting Day – and a puzzle

April 17th has seen the Annual General Meeting of the Moseley Railway Trust at Apedale, Staffordshire. It’s the opportunity for the membership to give the Trustees a good kicking, although this year did seem to be rather a tame and well-humoured affair. Perhaps we’re all getting older and wiser (or not). A much more probable explanation is that everyone wanted to get out into the glorious spring sunshine and play with the trains. We were very fortunate to host Andrew Neale’s newly restored Hunslet steam loco “Edward Sholto”; this look simply glorious, and has gone down in history as the first steam loco to reach Apedale Road. We took advantage of a good number of our members being on site to conduct some brake testing on the passenger train. A necessary part of this was to take the
train down to Apedale Road – the photo shows the 60S Simplex No.13 running round the train. And now a puzzle. The nameplates on “Edward Sholto” have a full stop have the word Sholto – suggesting an abbreviation. The plates from “George Sholto” on display in the museum at Towyn also have the same punctuation. So, why? What is “Sholto” short for? And no, a quick Google won’t tell you. Get in touch here with your answers (marking your entry “I’m a Know-All”).