Spring has sprung

Deep in the Apedale, there are the first signs that spring has sprung. To be honest, given how it’s been so far this year, the absence of snow for a fortnight is being seized on as evidence that it’s time to break out the sunblock and daft hats. But we have to cling onto some hope, don’t we? As a reminder of what the winter has been like, we though you may like the attached photo. The Hunslet 460, number 1215, owned by the War Office Locomotive Society is shown on the mainline with the MRT’s WDLR water tank wagon. It’s going to be a few years before the Hunslet steams for real, but I am sure that WOLS would be pleased to here from you. In the meantime, we continue to develop the railway at Apedale – keep watching this space for details of when we are opening to the public. Contact us here.