No, don’t panic, the Moseley Railway Trust has not gone all Politically Correct (although I should add that we welcome everyone to the site – although those who are prepared to spend the day shovelling ballast or earth are more welcome than most). This week we’ll have a quick look at a classic example of product diversification. As both of you know, Motor Rail at Bedford built lots and lots of internal-combustion narrow gauge locos. A prime application for these was on civil engineering sites, moving anything which needed to be moved from A to B (via C). A quick trip to any such site today will not show many railways, which is a pity. Instead, dumper trucks zoom around everywhere. Motor Rail recognised the dumper truck as a threat to a prime market, and decided that “if you can’t beat them, join them”. A new arrival at Apedale is Motor Rail 8389 of 1947, a 3 cubic yard dumper. Read more about it here. It’s a bit of a beast, or will be when reunited with its Dorman engine. As ever, contact us here, but don’t panic, it’s back to the trains next week.