Work goes on

It’s been a tab nippy down in the deepest reaches of the Apedale Valley over the last few days. Our trusty max/min thermometer indicated a low of -10 deg C, which is comparable to Moscow at this time of year. There cannot be many occasions on which Apedale has been compared to Moscow, although the inhabitants of both (some of them, at least) have a liking for daft woollen hats. Despite this, we have maintained steady progress on site. A key event this week has been the arrival of the Trust’s air-braked replica Penrhyn Coach, which has been giving sterling service at the Open Days of Alan Keef Ltd for the last few years. The time has now come for it to be used for the purpose for which it was built – carrying happy punters up and down the scenic Apedale Valley. Meanwhile, the track gang have continued, with the workshop headshunt being extended. This runs down a ramp beside the Aurora North storage shed; spurs off it will lead to a pit road, where cunning re-use of an old weighbridge structure will provide pit access (for working on locos running gear etc) but without the drainage issues often associated with pits. The headshunt will ultimately then have another kick-back, which lead to the bottom yard area; this will form the demonstration industrial railway, recreating locos picking their way through the weeds. As can be seen, with all this to be built, work has continued at all hours.

Finally, this being Christmas, and in response to underwhelming public demand, you can once again enjoy one of the Trustees making a fool of himself on skates. On behalf of the Moseley Railway Trust, can I wish everyone reading this a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.