Take a Bow

Every so often, I’ve updated the blogworld about the activities of the Moseley Railway Trust Elite Fencing Team. Like building the Channel Tunnel, eventually they would finish – and that day has arrived. They have built the fence virtually the entire length of the Apedale Valley Light Railway, enduring a combination of either hard-as-concrete ground or marsh and sometimes both. Above we see the EFT admiring their handywork having reached Apedale Road. Gentlemen, we salute you.
The on-coming headlight which is at the end of the tunnel is now in sight for railway construction at Apedale. All of the necessary pre-fabricated track has been built, and we’re just waiting for the groundworks man to turn up. It’s been a bit wet, and we understand he has to hire some special plant to assist. The second shot shows a view across the Apedale Road, which we will cross in due course. One can only hope that the owner of the white van returns by then, otherwise it will be a rather unequal contest with a 60S Motor Rail. There’s still plenty to keep us out of mischief; if you fancy having a go at mischief, or just a chat, contact us here.