What’s the point?

Well actually it’s the large thing loaded onto the wagon seen in this week’s photos. The more observant will have noted that, in last week’s photos, one of the two points for the Apedale Road loop was more of a self-assembly kit than the finished product. Indeed, if IKEA ever start doing components for 2’0″ gauge railways, then this is the sort of thing they would sell. Only with an included Allen key and instructions in Swedish. Unfortunately, we had neither Allen key nor instructions in Swedish, so we had to do our best. So, some of this weekend has been spent making the kit into one lump; we have also changed out all the bolts and generally fettled the component parts – the point will, in time, form part of the passenger running line, so we need to be 100% sure of the condition of all its parts. The subject of the photos has been heard to concede that he may be getting a “tad thin” on top. If you know of a miracle hair restorative, or just want to get in touch, we’re here.