Open days – Do YOU have this booked?

Just a quick update – The Moseley Railway Trust’s Open Days are getting close. The line up of visiting locos is now confirmed as the Orenstein & Koppel steam loco “Max” from Statfold, “Red Dwarf” which is a battery electric from the Shropshire Mines Trust, and finally the rather splendid Baguley “King Arthur” which will be having its first ever awayday from its home at Wicksteed park. There is also a possible last minute extra visitor – only time will tell on that one.
Then there’s also the minor matter of the home fleet of 50+ locomotives. And you can even see Project genesix – provided your retina scan is accepted. We’ll be running effectively two separate railways – the main line and the sidings – so there will be loads of opportunities for parallel running, double departures, all that type of stuff. We’ve got a 16mm live steam layout, a ride-on miniature railway, trade stands and model railways. All this for £4 admission. What an absolute billy bargain.
The Open Days are Saturday and Sunday 12 & 13 September, from 1100 to 1700.  What are you waiting for – form an orderly queue. Contact us here with any enquiries/comments/offers of money.