Simply Splendid Simplexes

We’ve been focusing on infrastructure stuff in recent posts, so for a change, this week we will have a look at two locomotive projects which are on-going at the Moseley Railway Trust’s Apedale base.


No.13 “The Pilk” is a 60S Motor Rail, their number 11142 of 1960. Fitted with a Dorman 3LA engine, it was delivered to Pilkingtons for use on the sand gathering railways which used to exist around the St Helens area. This powerful loco has been equipped with air brakes by MRT engineers and is planned to be the mainstay on non-steam passenger trains on the Apedale Valley Light Railway. It has finally had its cosmetic work completed, and now looks a treat, as I am sure you will agree.


On a slighter smaller Simplex scale, the now infamous Project Genesix (Motor Rail 7066/38) has made great strides since it first appeared here. The project team have abandoned their initial scheme for global terraforming (the tamping gang are managing that quite well) and instead have focused on painting the loco in a colour which is claimed to be authentic. So authentic that the man in the paint shop had to have a little sit down with the smelling salts after mixing it. The loco has advanced beyond being a rolling chassis, and has now had a Dorman 2JO engine fitted. This is a petrol unit, and was sourced from the Nene Valley Railway. The NVR had scrapped a standard gauge Hibberd loco, and the MRT were grateful recipients of the remains.
If you want to come along and see these locos, along with all their friends, the best opportunity will be our Open Days in September. As ever, contact us here.