Location, Location, Location

Last Saturday 16 August was another little bit of history for the Moseley Railway Trust; we vacated the storage location at Buxworth, Derbyshire, which has been the Trust’s home for the last few years. There are probably few events as traumatic (or expensive) for an organisation such as the Moseley Railway Trust than the need to move base – and it’s happened four times to the MRT! The trust has its roots in a 1969 project at the Moseley Hall Grammar School for Boys, at Cheadle near Stockport. In 1971, this school closed and relocated alongside a girls school about a mile away. This should have been seen as an omen for the future! What became the MRT developed and thrived at this new location, known as the Manor School, until 1998 when the organisation was compelled to leave Cheadle and move the collection into storage. The first location was the Mevril Spring Works at Whaley Bridge, near Buxton. Open days, with locos being demonstrated, were held in 1999 and 2000 at this site. However, once again, fate intervened and the site was sold for redevelopment. In 2001, the Trust decanted to a storage unit at Buxworth, also near Buxton. Meanwhile, the Trust located a permanent site at Apedale – and this time we own this one, so no more moves! Most of the collection slumbered at Buxworth until 2008 when they arrived in the splendid Aurora North storage shed. The set of pictures show locos at Cheadle, and at Buxworth and you’ve all seen plenty of Apedale shots. As you should know by now, there’s open days at Apedale on 13 & 14 September.