Newly acquired loco on display at Apedale

Ruston & Hornsby Ltd 48DLZ 256314/48, which was donated by Woodhorn Colliery Museum at Ashington, Northumberland in 2005 has been moved to the new MRT site at Apedale Heritage Centre near Newcastle Under Lyme, arriving on 2nd March 2006 and accompanied by the two mines tubs donated at the same time. The loco has had a stand-up cab added as it was intended to be used for passenger haulage at a proposed 2’ gauge tourist line at Woodhorn; however this will be removed when time and funds permit and the loco restored to its original condition. Although already regauged to 2’ gauge, the work is incomplete, and work remains to be done on the braking system and bodywork. Meanwhile the loco has been placed on display at the rear of the Apedale Heritage Centre on a short section or rail constructed in December for this purpose.