Family re-union

We have had the honour of hosting a visit from the family of the late Mr David Jeffcoat. Mr Jeffcoat, who lived in Haslemere, was a life-long railway enthusiast. Amongst his collection was a 2’0″ gauge locomotive and a number of wagons. When he sadly died during 2020, the MRT was chosen by his widow as a suitable recipient of the loco, wagons and some track. These were collected and arrived at Apedale in November 2020. The loco was, unlike so many which arrive at Apedale, complete and cared for. It had not been run for a while, and was in need of a little TLC, but no major issues. The loco, Motor Rail 22235, was delivered on 17 August 1965 to the Midhurst Whites brickworks in West Sussex, where it worked on the 30 inch gauge railways at that location. The locomotive was configured to work in a “low height” environment with the seat and controls rotated through 180 degrees compared to the standard design. After the works railways closed, Mr Jeffcoat, moved it to his private garden railway in 1993, and had the loco re-gauged to 24 inch gauge.

Mr Jeffcoat’s family were able to see his loco running up and down, along with four of the wagons which have been fully restored. We are unsure of the provenance of the wagons; they are of Hudson manufacture, and have fittings for vertical strakes, suggesting use in a timberyard or similar. We think the family enjoyed their visit to Apedale, and will agree that David’s pride and joy has found a good home for its second retirement!