The Standard “Rugga” Tipping Wagon from Robert Hudson Ltd


A guide to the many variations of vee style skips produced by Robert Hudson Ltd.

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Look at any photograph of narrow gauge activity from the last century, and you’ll probably see a skip wagon of some kind in the picture. The largest British supplier of railway equipment was undoubtedly Robert Hudson Ltd of Leeds, and their range of narrow gauge, and standard gauge equipment could be found throughout the world.

But what is probably not so well-known is that the “standard” vee skip, produced by Robert Hudson by the thousand, was not a single size, and many are the variations which can be found if they are examined carefully. This booklet seeks to explain the variations as they existed in the 1950s, using original material from the Robert Hudson publications from that time.

Published in 2013, this A4 size soft cover booklet has 48 pages including the cover, and includes scaled drawings of the 27cu foot tipping wagon, as well as the related platform wagon and the variants of loco hauled versus manual wagons.

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