The Moseley Story – By Wisdom not by Force


A history of the Mosley Railway Trust and its predecessors

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Published in 2019, this book charts the evolution of the Moseley Railway Trust from its humble beginnings as an after-school project at the Moseley Hall Grammar School in Cheadle, Stockport, around 1969 under the guidance of teacher Colin Saxton. When the school moved to North Downs Road, Cheadle in 1970, the railway was rebuilt at the new site, and remained in operation until the summer of 1998, when a final train was run. Dismantling was completed by the end of 1998, and the railway collection moved into storage, where most of the locomotive collection remained prior to erection of storage facilities at the new Apedale site. In 2006, the Moseley Railway Trust was joined at Apedale by the Cadeby Railway collection, and following planning approval, construction of the new railway started in 2007, being completed in August 2010 and opened to public running. The story is brought up to date by discussing how the site at Apedale has evolved, and how the collection has expanded. It also includes a list of locomotive which have been part of the collection, but are no longer with the Moseley Railway Trust and do not appear in the latest stock book.

This A4 size soft cover booklet has 84 pages including the cover, and includes 28 black & white photographs, 43 colour photographs, and 9 diagrams.

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