The Manufacture of Locomotives and Other Munitions of War during the Period 1914-1919


A reprint of a book produced by the North British Locomotive Co. Ltd, documenting their contribution to the war effort.

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This book is a reprint of the lavish record produced for the North British Locomotive Co. Ltd. shortly after the 1914 – 1918 war, and documents not just the dozens of locomotive designs built in that period but the range of ways in which the company contributed to the war effort. These contributions included shell production (mostly carried out by women workers), sea mines, torpedo launchers, BE 2C biplanes, trench howitzers, and Mark VIII Tanks. The factory also produced 15 Pechot Bourdon articulated locomotives at 60cm gauge for the French military railways.
Hardbound, measuring 10 3’4″ (27cm) wide by 9′ (22.5cm) tall, it has 132 pages of photographs, text and illustrations, it is an exceptional example of promotional literature produced by companies in that era.

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