Reprint of the Railway Gazette Special War Transportation Number


A reprint of a review of First World War transportation.

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First published in 1920 as a review of the manner in which the various forms of transportation had worked together to help win the 1914-1918 war. Railways figure prominently, in this reprint, with narrow gauge and standard gauge operations reviewed, but the book also covers road transport, canals, and the train ferry at Richborough which not only transferred equipment from the UK to France, but was used to bring back salvage materials home from France. Seen in more detail are the ROD workshops in France, and their role in keeping the railways operational, and the Royal Engineers work in keeping routes open under bombardment.
The campaigns of Salonika, Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Africa are also mentioned, along with the railway operations there
A4 format, soft bound, with 160 pages

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