Moseley Railway Trust Stock Book – 4th Edition


This edition of the stock book coveres the MRT as at 2018.

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Published in 2018, this edition of the stockbook covers the MRT fleet as at 2018, covering 80 locomotives and some of the more notable rolling stock on site at Apedale. Each locomotive has a colour photograph and its manufacturer and work number, MRT fleet number, and a short history of its movements prior to arriving at Apedale. The book does not cover locomotives on the Apedale site which are not in the care of Moseley Railway Trust – there are another five locomotives in that category, nor does it cover locomotives which are part of the collection but stored elsewhere.

For the convenience of visitors, every locomotive on site carries a label showing its fleet number, for easy identification on site

Published in A4 format, with colour images throughout, the book comprises 56 pages including the covers.