Baldwin 48378 of 1918

This 50hp loco was built by the American locomotive builder Baldwin for the First World War as a 2’0″ gauge loco. We are unsure if it ever saw active service. It was regauged by a French company Val de Maziet to standard gauge. For a fuller history, see here.

After being In a quarry in France, it was discovered in a Switzerland scrapyard. Eventually the loco arrived at Apedale on 6th of May 2016 and a lengthy restoration has begun. The owner has commented that there are three key parts to the project. Firstly, regauging the loco to 2’0″ gauge, which has involved having new wheels cast. Secondly, determining whether the French diesel engine currently associated with the loco will fit when the loco is at 2’0″ gauge – and if not, sourcing a suitable engine. Thirdly – everything else, such as bodywork, brakes and the like.