FR 120

Ffestiniog Railway carriage 120 was built in 1980 as a third class saloon with 32 seats and a toilet compartment. The underframe was originally used on the Isle of Man Railway as one of many 3ft gauge bogie coaches that reused the bodies of the earlier 4 wheeled coaches. In 1967 the bodies of these coaches were removed as part of a container scheme, unfortunately, the container scheme only lasted until 1968. The wagons were then parked at Douglas, loaded with containers, for some years afterwards. They were finally sold to Manx Metals in 1974 as part of a major clear-out of historic but unwanted rolling stock at this time and ultimately arrived at the FR in 1975.

Between mid 2009 and mid 2010 this coach was used on the Welsh Highland Railway in response to increased demand. During 2010 the carriage was refitted at Boston Lodge Works, which included removing the toilet and replacing it with four extra seats. The refit also saw the replacement of the original lino floor and carpet wall cladding as well as an external repaint.

It was withdrawn from the FR at the end of June 2018. Its bogies were reused for a replacement Ffestiniog railway “Superbarn” carriage. FR120 was sold to the Apedale Valley Light Railway, arriving at its new home on 10 June 2019.

Refurbishment of this vehicle for use at Apedale started towards the end of 2019. To date the Bogies (ex South African Railways) are being refurbished, the drawgear has been removed for modification, redundant wiring removed, and work has started on the interior. It is intended that this vehicle will be fitted with a guards compartment and a wheelchair accessible area to allow FR117 & FR120 to run as a covered set, with the other carriages running as an open set. This Necessitates fitting a suitable brake column and modifications to one door to allow a wheelchair through. The vehicle will also be repainted to match FR120.