Stanhope Saturday

In more normal times, this would have been our first steam weekend of the season. Not to worry, we’ll just call this Stanhope Saturday. The undoubted flagship of the Apedale steam fleet, this loco was first steamed in preservation in 1999, and shown to the public at an open day at Alan Keef’s premises that […]

First day of the Season

Today would have been the first day of our 2020 operating season. The PWay has never been in better shape, and the fleet was fully serviced and ready to go. But, not to be. No point in getting upset, what matters is only that people follow the guidelines and we get through the current problems. […]

Cold Day at School

Dateline: 14 November 1993. Doubtless a freezing cold day. Despite this, the Moseley Industrial Tramway still runs public trains, and Paul Jarman is there to take a few photos. Both locos are still part of the fleet at Apedale (Motor Rail 22045 and Hunslet 6299).

COVID-19 announcement

It will come as no surprise to read that the Apedale Valley Light Railway will be closed to the public during the month of April. We will determine what happens for future months as the current situation evolves. Although the situation regarding the months beyond April is uncertain, we have decided that we will cancel […]

Delivering at Pace

Another corporate volunteering day – this time the Civil Servants of the Rail Accident Investigation Branch. A small but effective team demonstrated its ability to Deliver at Pace. One group assisted our regular volunteers in carrying out repairs to the World War One trench system. The second group carried out a long-overdue repaint and smarten-up […]

The Orange Army

We had a veritable Orange Army with us today – a corporate Volunteering day from Atkins. They were all keen and enthusiastic, and knew how to work together as a team – not bad considering some of them had never met before, as they all work in different office locations. Days like this give people […]

Welsh Weather

The best efforts of recent storms have meant that recent activities at Apedale have been predominantly indoors. A key project being progressed is the overhaul and conversion of ex-Ffestiniog coach 120. The vehicle arrived last year. The main changes being made to are the provision of access for wheelchairs and the creation of an area […]

Training day

A training day at Apedale. This means that some members make a start on the journey to Competence Land (calling at Fitness, Knowledge and Attitude), and others are having re-assessments just to check that they are still firm residents. As always, the trainers can learn almost as much as the trainees – the phrase “I’d […]

Trench Maintenance

A feature of the site at Apedale which rarely features here is the replica World War One Trench. With the film “1917” breaking the box office records at the moment, it’s appropriate to show some of the work which has been going on in recent weeks. The Trench has needed a fair bit of maintenance, […]

Stanhope News

A question we’re asked every so often is “What’s happening with “Stanhope”?”. Apedale’s favourite steam loco has been undergoing its ten year overhaul – the second since it was originally restored, which is making everyone feel very old. The loco is stripped down at Apedale, with the boiler currently away at the contractors. The boiler […]