Hudswell and a Museum

Focussing on two projects currently progressing at Apedale. The Hudswell steam loco was stood down from traffic in 2023 at the end of the current boiler certificate. The overhaul work has been progressing, albeit slightly intermittently due to distractions like “Listerfest” and the need to operate the passenger railway. However, progressing it has been, and a very visible step has now been taken with the boiler being lifted from the frames. This will allow the actual boiler work – hopefully not much more than a re-tube – to progress.

Less than 10 feet away from where the boiler lift was happening is the museum base. This has been a very long term project, but significant developments are now happening. A concrete pour on the base took place in May. This has now cured, and a start is being made on laying the three tracks which will be within the building. Once complete, a further concrete pour will bring the floor level to finished height, with the rails embedded therein. Then we can start to think about the minor issues like walls and a roof!