ListerFest update

We have published a major update regarding ListerFest (May 18 & 19) on the relevant Events page. The update is also shown below:-

Update – April 2024

The current list of expected visiting locomotives is as follows (in works number order, where known):

Lister 3834 c/o Mr Brian Faulkner (this is a tentative attendee currently)

Lister 4088 c/o Abbey Pumping Station Museum, Leicester

Lister 7280A c/o Mr Neil Clayton. It is hoped a second loco from Mr Clayton’s collection will attend.

Lister 8022 c/o Mr Brian Faulkner 

Lister 11410 c/o Mr Rick Stewart

Lister 14005 “Steam Tram” c/o Tanat Valley Railway, Rich Morris Collection. Static exhibit.

Lister 28890 c/o Mr Alan Frodsham

Lister 33650 c/o Mr Brian Faulkner 

Lister 34521 c/o The Amberley Museum rail group

Lister 34523 c/o North Gloucestershire Railway, Toddington

Lister 39005 c/o Tanat Valley Railway, Rich Morris Collection. 

Lister 41803 c/o Mr Colin Copcutt

Lister Blackstone 51651 c/o Mr Ian Hughes

Lister Blackstone 54181 c/o Mr Gareth Rees

Lister Blackstone 56371 c/o Mr Brian Faulkner 

Lister-engined Ruston 166010 c/o Mr Martin O’Keefe

In addition, resident Listers 50888, 52031, 52610 and 52885 are expected to be operating, along with Lister-engined Keef No.4. Lister 52528 is a long-term restoration project, but will be on display. Discussions continue with several other loco owners.

On each day, the first train will be at 10:00. Between 10:00 and 11:30, the passenger trains will be operated by combinations of Lister locos. From 1130 until 1400, trains will alternate between Lister traction and steam loco “Stanhope”. Between 14:00 and 15:00, there will be a Grand Parade of Listers around the Field. Between 15:00 and 16:00, Lister passenger trains will alternate with “Stanhope”. Between 16:00 and 17:00, Listers will again haul the passenger train exclusively. After 17:00 on Saturday, we’ll probably do something special – but that will be planned nearer the time. Conscious that many locos have not been seen in public for some years, and certainly have not hauled a passenger train, we will attempt to ensure that every loco has at least one trip on the passenger train during the weekend. The exact order will depend on locos passing Fitness to Run exams and their haulage capabilities being assessed. We will try to publish a loco vs train times schedule nearer the time – but this is likely to be on Friday 17th!