Cadeby to the Rescue

Last time, will left our heroes at Apedale puzzling on how to fit the points in at the new museum track fan. This is quite a difficult problem, since the tracks have to be aligned with what will, in due course, be the museum building doors. And unlike a Brio trainset, the points are heavy and difficult to move about. The proposed used of a Y point for the 3rd road didn’t work out as was hoped  due to the huge length of said point – this only became apparent once extracted from the storage pile. Putting the Y to one side (just in case we ever need a point which can be used for a 110mph divergence), some serious thinking went on. The answer was to re-use a point which once formed part of the mainline of the Cadeby Light Railway (closed in 2005). When Cadeby closed, the track and most of the staff and rolling stock up-sticks and moved to Apedale. One of the ex-Cadeby staff was heard to look at the point in question and observe that he wished he done a better job of mending it when he last had the chance. So, after a little TLC, the point was craned into place and LO – the geometry works and all is sweetness and light. The point in question can be seen in the first photo supporting a well-known Bagnall steam loco – note the very long check rail – used to combat the outrageous curvature on the railway at Cadeby. The self-same check rail will also be noticed in the second photo. Perhaps thankfully, the point is not now to be used for passenger trains, and can bask in a gentle semi-retirement at Apedale. The third photo is just because it’s nice. As ever, get in touch here. PS – just mentioning passenger trains – we start for the season on the 12th of April. We’re starting the season with the Grand Opening of a new passenger station – beat that, Severn Valley!!