Bursting out of the ground

It’s been a while since we have seen much tangible progress on the Apedale museum project. The reason for this is money. After Lehmann Brothers and Fred Goodwin managed to loose it all (presumably in a washing machine or a very large sofa) it’s been even more difficult to come by than before. And building buildings involving deep piled foundations ain’t cheap. But, we have managed to scrimp, save and raid corporate piggy banks to allow the next phase of the project to proceed. This is to build the walls which sit on top of the cast concrete beams which in turn are connected to the steel piles which The Mole from Thunderbirds put in a couple of years ago. Mr Builder has been busy, because bags of sugar in the local co-op have doubled in price, and the large piles of blocks are depleting nicely. Most of what you can see in the picture will be, eventually, underground. The next phase will be to complete the foundations, and lay a concrete slab into which the track will be set. This will be a key acheivement, because we can then use the area between building blitzes, rather than it simply being a large hole in the ground. We are aiming to get that complete by the September 2014 “Tracks to the Trenches” event – as we want the trenches elsewhere on site, thank you very much.
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