Museum Progress

There’s been a lot happening on the museum project at Apedale of late. Mostly below ground level. Visitors from last year may recall the steel piles which appeared, resembling an installation art work (although sadly the Arts Council grant cheque never arrived). They have now been cut back, and are now all joined up by large amounts of concrete to form what are known as Ground Beams. The next steps are to start building the walls up to just below the damp proof course level, apply an inert fill and an insulation layer between the walls, and then pour the concrete slab. Railway tracks will then be laid on the slab, and then a further concrete pour to create a level floor. Sounds easy when you say it quickly – but what it doesn’t sound is cheap. So, the appeal continues – if you’ve recently won the Lottery/premium bonds/work sweep we’d be quite pleased to hear from you. In the meantime, winter maintenance work continues elsewhere on the railway – the winter PWay maintenance programme has been completed in record time, allowing attention to be switched to the construction of a much-needed new siding near the Station. Because Parkinson’s Law applies particularly to railway preservation schemes. It is a well known fact that the wagon fleet expands to fill the siding space available to it. As ever, get in touch here (especially if you have a few thousand bricks going begging).