Different things

One could be forgiven  for thinking that the only activity at Apedale is on Project Pluto and the new inspection pit. Nothing could be further from the truth. All sorts of projects are running at the same time. In anticipation of the September “Contractor’s Delight” (September 8 & 9), there’s a drive to get as many skip wagons as possible up and running. One of these is seen in the first photo – it’s one of our small collection of “U” skips, sitting upside undergoing attention to its wheel bearing.
Track maintenance is a constant activity – the current project is to change out inadequate bolts and clips on one of the shed roads for rather more substantial items. It’s necessary to get to the bottom of the sleepers – hence the whole panel needs to be lifted and propped safely. Rumours that it’s the start of a spiral are utterly unfounded.

The recent  spate of inclement weather has caused some difficulties, prompting some unkind members to ask what the difference is between a fork lift truck and a hippopotamus? Answers here please.