The Great Shoft begins

Those of you who have been following these postings on a regular basis will be up-to-date with all the latest happenings at Apedale. The new storage shed is now all but complete, and is now known as the Aurora North Shed (I’ll explain why another time). In the same way that nature abhorrs a vacuum, preservationists abhorr an empty shed. The MRT has a collection of more than sixty locomotives, mainly 2’0″ but a few other gauges also, and these are scattered around the UK – with many in a storage unit in the Peak District. The Great Shoft, which will bring the collection under one roof at Apedale, has now commenced. Yesterday, Saturday 7/6/08, saw a trial load arrive from store, which conveyed two locomotives – a Class M Orenstein & Koppel petrol loco – OK4470 of 1930, and a 60S type Motor Rail, number 11142 of 1960. The Motor Rail is a good runner, and will be the prime passenger loco for non-steam trains – and also the mobile air compressor for non compressor fitted locos – especially steamers. It’s a bit of a beast to drive!

Also arriving on 7/6/08 was a Hibberd, FH2586 of 1941, which had been in store at a member’s house in Yorkshire. This one is perhaps best described as a long-term project. Anyway, it’s all jolly exciting.


The influx of locos now looks set to accelerate over the next few weeks. The best opportunity to see all that’s happening at Apedale is our September Open day.¬†As ever, we’d be glad to see new members – especially workers – get in touch here.


And why a Shoft? Well, let’s just say we’re not employed for our typing skills.