Bank Holidays and Baldwins

The last couple of weeks have, as usual, seen lots of progress on several front at Apedale. Sadly, the August Bank Holiday weather lived down to expectations, which affected the Classic Cars event quite badly – it seems that Austin Allegros dissolve in the rain. Not to worry, we’ll try again next year! The use of the new Hunslet loco seemed popular with our visitors; the net planned use of this loco is at our Armistice event on November 10 & 11. Meanwhile, restoration work on the Baldwin tractor has taken some big leaps forward. Most of the stripping of the loco has been completed, with just a few difficult bits remaining. We are learning that anything welded was done when the loco was modified in France, whereas anything riveted was done by Baldwin. The debate is continuing about what type of engine will be fitted in due course – the “Fit the French Engine” underground movement seems to be gathering momentum. Time will tell!