Tracks to the Trenches retrospective

Well folks, a holiday immediately after Tracks to the Trenches rather interrupted regular updates…apologies for that. It was a wonderful three days, and hopefully the blisters/sunburn have eased by now. As is traditional and good manners, we must express our sincere thanks to many people. In no order, as they say, to all our exhibitors, to everyone who supported us by visiting and perhaps (just perhaps) most of all to all the Moseley Railway Trust members who laboured behind the scenes for two years to make it all happen.
We have been asked “Will it happen again?”. In the words of the Gallagher Brothers – a definite maybe. A lot has changed since we started on this journey in 2014! We will be having a long ruminate on the subject and will, of course, keep the world updated as and when firm conclusions are reached. The opinion of Trust members is important (we are a democratic organisation) and needs to be both sought and considered.