Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Moseley Railway Trust! 2016 has certainly been a year to remember, some good things, some less agreeable things. We have finished 2016 with a private charter for a family gathering – what better way to see the year out than a gentle trundle on a 2’0″ gauge train? There’s lot to anticipate in 2017 at Apedale. The May gala – 13 and 14 May – is shaping up to be a cracking event; more details will be announced in the new few weeks. We will be starting a new loco restoration project soon – again, more details in due course, but the photo is a pretty big clue. Hopefully, the FR coach will be in traffic for the start of the season. But don’t forget that we do lots of little projects along with the big ticket items; one such is the restoration of a Hudson wagon from RAF Fauld. It was once, many years ago, used in the passenger train at Cadeby – it’s the wagon next to the steam loco in the black and white photo. The intervening years have not been kind to the woodwork, but the underlying structure looks sound. So, keep looking in here, and we will try to keep you informed about goings on down the Apedale Valley.