Christmas Quiz 2016

OK, folks, here it is. Your challenge this year is related to stations and other railway-related locations. For each location, you need to determine if it is real or fictional. 

If you think it’s a real place, tell us where it is located (with some degree of accuracy). Extra points will be allocated for wit and verve rather than obsessive accuracy. 
If, on the other hand, you think it’s a fictitious location – then in what film/book/song does it exist? Again, correct amusing answers will score higher than correct dull answers.
So, for example, Apedale Road is a REAL station and is one terminus of the Apedale Valley Light Railway.
The vast majority of the locations are in the UK (note careful choice of words).
As noted above, extra points will be allocated to amusing and educational answers; this therefore makes the concept of “winning” rather an arbitrary one, which is the way it is intended to be and hence differentiates this quiz from the Boxing Day game of Monopoly. OK? Brace yourselves:-
     1.  North Pole
2. Lake, The Lake and Lakeside Loop (three places)

3. Crouch End

4.    Hobbs End 

5.    West Ashfield  

Bonus question:- 4 & 5 can be found in close proximity. Where?

6.    Junction Road Junction

7.    North Haverbrook (bit of a clue – not actually a railway as such….)

8.    Westbourne Oak

9.    Mobil Avenue


11. Gorsafawddacha’idraigodanheddogleddollônpenrhynareurdraethceredigion

Bonus question:- What would this score in Scrabble?

12. Milford

13. Hatley

14. Hollerton Junction (which is also served by which heritage railway?)

15. Grumbly

16. Pen Cob


18. Arlesburgh West 

19.Vauxhall Cross

20.Mornington Crescent

Answers will be published here in a couple of weeks time. Exam papers may be e-mailed to or to Mr L’s e-mail address for those who know it. Good luck!