Round Two Quiz – The Answers

I know that many of you have been itching to mark your answers sheets (either that or it’s wind again). So, here are the answers:-

1:- A visiting loco – Penrhyn via Newbold Vernon. Which loco, when did it visit?
Sybil Mary, 2013.

2:- What is the only steam loco to have made TWO visits to two separate Apedale Galas (it’s NOT Paddy!!)?
GP39 (aka The Hudswell Formerly Known as Bornllwyd)

3:- Which railway did “Stanhope” visit in September and October 2014?
North Gloucestershire Railway, Toddington

4:- An unusual non-steam visitor, son of Uther Pendragon. Which loco, which gala, where is home railway?
King Arthur, Baguley 2043, 2009, Wickstead Park

5:- Built with a Mclaren engine, now a Dorman – which Apedale loco?
Hudswell Clarke D558

6:- Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes. Which loco, which galas, where is home?
Battery Electric “Red Dwarf”, Wingrove and Rogers 5655, 2008, 2009 and 2012, Shropshire Mines Trust

7:- Resident steam loco, worked in England, Scotland and Wales?
8:- Ships – which loco is associated with “Free Enterprise VII”?

Kerr Stuart 3014 – it’s the ship on which it returned from France.

9:- What were the names of the ships which carried HC1238 to and from Ghana?
SS Prahsa and MSC Samantha

10:- What is F836 on BnM?
Massey Ferguson hybrid

11:- Which Safety Management System document covers off-site working?

12:- In 1948, how many different track gauges did the NCB use underground?
60. In January 2016 – none.
13:- 2015 saw two AVLR locos visit Threlkeld. How many other locos currently on site at Apedale have been at Threlkeld at some stage? Which locos?
Hunslet 8830, Hunslet 8968, Hunslet 6007, Ruston 235725, Clayton B0475, Clayton B1854, Clayton B0495, Lister 52885

14:- Where is the Baltic Juice Terminal?
Ventspils, Latvia

15:- Which railway did “Stanhope” visit in September and October 2014?
North Gloucestershire Railway, Toddington. Obviously, this is a parallel universe and completely unrelated to question 3……

16:- Listermania 2015 – how many locos on a passenger train?

17:- The only ex-Standard Gauge vehicle in the collection?
Wickham 4131

18:- This Apedale loco has been regauged twice – which loco?
We were actually thinking of the Woodhorn Ruston 256314 – 26”, 30”, 24”, but will accept that MR7066 – 22”, 20”, 24” is also a correct answer.

19:- How many Baguley Drewry locos of the same type as AVLR No.90 have there been?

18 (but would accept 16 as correct for various reasons).

20:- Where did Ruston 193974 and Hibberd 2306 meet prior to both being at Apedale?

Erin Peat Products, County Offaly and Keef’s yard.

No completely correct answers were received, but we did have a winner with the lowest number of inexcusable errors. We’re not going to name him, and he’s camera shy, but we did our best; he’s the one in the blue.