Four Seasons in One Day

It is fair to say that the weather was not overly kind to the Classic Car weekend at Apedale. Classic Cars do not take kindly to heavy rain, and so the gathering was rather less than was hoped for. Nonetheless, we saw a good number, especially on the Sunday when a group of MG owners showed their mettle. The gentleman with the Bedford army lorry was clearly also of stout constitution – Rain? Hail stones? The Red Army Choir – bring it on. So, it’s a big thank you to all of the car owners who brought their pride and joys out in the horrible conditions. We hope you get the water out of the electrics at some stage this year. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, the Joffre steam loco was unaffected by water in the electrics, and out in an impressive weekend’s workings. It is now quite rapidly climbing the league table for Likeable Steam Locos. The blue thing above the loco in the photo, by the way, is the sky, and uncontaminated by Photoshop. It just shows that we truly did have four seasons in one day (but not a Crowded House). The next big event at Apedale will be the Mining Gala on June 15 & 16 – but don’t forget, we are running every Saturday, and also Bank Holiday Sundays and Mondays. Check the main AVLR website here for details, and get in touch here (especially if you know what a Condenser is, and how to get 2″ of rainwater out of one…).