The Day of the Triffids

Yesterday (Saturday 7th July) was the Charity Day on the Apedale Valley Light Railway. It was in aid of Douglas Macmillan Hospice  A jolly good time seems to have been had by all concerned. The DMH volunteers had a stand on the station platform, and they seem to have had some success at extracting what little money visitors had after visiting our shop and viewing the wide range of desirable goods contained therein. We also hosted a number of other attractions – a nice line of stationary engines, and model traction engines. Local classic car clubs also supported the event. Our treasurer also bought his new car – see if you can spot it amongst the line up. Curiously, the accounts have become a lot more opaque of late, and he keeps reminiscing about his time at Barclays and BCCI. Meanwhile, the DMH mascot (a sunflower) was also seen. Although one of our volunteers is now seriously wondering if he needs some new medication. The next Big Thing down at Apedale will be the September Gala – 8th & 9th of (err) September – watch this space for more information soon. Get in touch here.