It was, as they say, reet chilly down t’valley this weekend. But despite this, the intrepid arctic warfare division of the Moseley Railway Trust continued their endeavours. A slight re-plan of the day was needed after the Fordson tractor declined to participate despite best endeavours to produce enough amps to start the thing. So, most members retired to the Station Building for a spot of extreme decorating – and it’s starting to look somewhere near finished. Just the floor to paint now, chaps…. Meanwhile, a pick-up goods-cum-rubbish clearance train was seen to set off, stating its destination as Bleath Gill. I never saw it return, and we expect to be able to make a fortune by publishing the memoirs of the traincrew (if they are ever found). The Outdoor Engineering Department seemed to be enjoying making bits for Project Pluto. If you’re not sure what Project Pluto is, then you’ll just have to keep visiting to find out. Get in touch here