Santa Claus is coming to town

All over the Apedale site, Moseley Railway Trust members have been getting ready for the Santa campaign 2011. Booking are significantly ahead of this time last year – which was our first year of visits by the Bearded One – so it looks like we’re going to be busy. Finishing touches have been applied to the Grotto by a team who really cannot be described as Elves. Perhaps a bit more like those funny Goblin things that they had in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or something. This will be the first year we’ve has the use of Silverdale station, so work has been progressing with making that all seasonal, including commisioning of a coal burning stove. It was a bit of a struggle but I think the pyromaniac in charge got a flicker of life out of it in the end. There’s still space on a few of the trains – but booking are coming in thick and fast. If you fancy roasting your chestnuts by the station stove, check here for booking – or here to get in touch.