Behind The Scenes

Behind any organisation like the Moseley Railway Trust lays many levels of support. On one level we have our visitors, who part with their hard earned cash in exchange for a train ride to the scenic delight of Apedale Road (and back, if all goes to plan). Then we have the members of the Trust. Many support us by paying the membership and receiving our splendid magazine “Moseley Matters” every so often. Others contribute by volunteering at Apedale. The members in this category tend to be the most visible in these pieces. However, there are also the members who are less regular at Apedale, but nonetheless make a major contribution behind the scenes. One such is Brian, who looks after the website and internet and stuff like that. I have a vision of him entering cyberspace to advance the Moseley Railway Trust cause, a bit like some charecter in Neuromancer. Brian has been busy of late, and has now developed the Apedale Valley Light Railway’s own website, here. The idea is that this will give simple-to-access information to the casual visitors, whereas the hardened railway enthusiast will click appropriately and visit the main MRT website. Cute, eh? Both websites need include the details of the September Gala. A new feature this year is the ability to book in advance, which offers a useful discount on the pay-on-the-day price, will avoid the queues, and helps our cashflow situation. All of which are Good Things. So, well done and thank you, Brian – MRT’s own Jonny Mnemonic. I’m afraid I can’t include a photo of the internet, beacuse it’s too big and wouldn’t fit in the view finder, so we’ll have to settle for Stanhope and Ruston No.37 last Saturday. Jack-in to the MRT here.