A Civic Visit

On 31st March 2009, the Moseley Railway Trust hosted a Civic Visit by His Worshipful the Mayor of Newcastle-Under-Lyme Councillor John Cooper. Councillor Cooper’s civic guests included the mayors and civic heads from seven of the surrounding towns and boroughs. The party visited the Apedale Heritage Centre, and visited the underground coal mine, which is operated by the Heritage Centre. They then visited the adjacent Moseley Railway Trust site, including the Aurora Works.
Whilst at Aurora Works, Councillor Cooper unveiled a plaque which marked and acknowledged the valuable contribution which has been made to the Moseley Railway Trust’s Apedale development projects by Lafarge Aggregates. Councillor Cooper was assisted in this by David Wilson (in the suit in the photo), manager of Walley landfill site at Silverdale.
Phil Robinson (in the cap in the photos), the Moseley Railway Trust’s Chairman said “The Trust is very grateful to all who have supported us as we have regenerated and developed the Apedale site. Today we acknowledge two particular supporters – the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council and Lafarge Aggregates. I am delighted to acknowledge the efforts that both organisations have made, and this support takes us closer to opening a passenger steam railway. This will become a significant attraction, bringing visitors into Newcastle which will boost the local economy”.
David Wilson, the Manager of the Lafarge Aggregates landfill site in nearby Silverdale said “Walleys Landfill was originally a brick clay quarry. Lafarge Aggregates transports approximately three million tonnes of building materials by rail every year and also uses river and canal transport where appropriate. Our industrial heritage is something we should all be proud of and we are delighted to support this Moseley Railway Trust project with a donation through the Landfill Communities Fund”.
The Moseley Railway Trust is continuing to develop the Apedale site. It is anticipated that Phase One of the passenger carrying railway will open during 2009 – watch for further announcements. Get in touch here.